Friday, July 25, 2014

3 Kawaii Chibi Anime Girls

Actually this GIF picture is my fanart drawing. Each pictures in this GIF picture will show in 5 seconds. This GIF picture will takes a bit long times for loading page, please be patient. Here the characters names in this GIF picture :

1. Blue hair :  Shihou Matsuri (四方茉莉) from Anime "SOLA"
2. Brown hair :  Hagiwara Yukiho (萩原雪歩) from Anime "Idolmaster - Xenoglossia"
3. Red hair : Kamigishi Akari (神岸明) from Anime "ToHeart"

kawaii anime, chibi character, anime drawing, fanart, moe girl,
3 Kawaii Chibi Anime Girls by MrProfGenius

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rie chan in action !

My original digital art creation from Rie chan, how about it ? In here she is depicted trying to use Ofuda (お札to seal demon. Actually i have inspiration to create this picture from my anime creation video :

Rie chan anime,  anime drawing, miko, 巫女,
Rie chan in action ! by MrProfGenius