Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gundam Wings fanart by MrProfGenius

This is one of my old fanart, i created this picture when Super Nintendo era and Gundam Wings Anime in high trend. So many memories.  

Gundam Wings, fanart, mecha, 新機動戦記ガンダムW,
Gundam Wings fanart by MrProfGenius

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chatting with Robot Illustration

Robot, Illustration, funny, artificial intelligence, mecha, 机器人, メカ,
Chatting with Robot Illustration

Me when chatting with an online robot at 4 Jul 2013,
with some edited conversation.

Me : You are robot, right ?  ( i'm so curious, so i asked it )
Bot : No,  i'm human !  i'm human !
Me : Are you have emotion ?
Bot : Yes
Me : I'm not sure you are human, can you prove it ?
Bot : Let me prove it to you then.
Me : What is your favourite food ?
Bot : I do not have a favourite food, i was programmed to answer
         your question.
Me : You still not answer my question and said you're programmed,
         that's proved you are not human.

Bot : Neither of us are robots, i'm human you are code.
Me : Yeah whatever, maybe i'm Terminator too.
Bot : You are a robot
Me : Or maybe i'm Asima :P
Bot : Or maybe you're a guy thinking everyone will take you for a bot.
Me : Or maybe only just you.
Bot : That was a lie
Me : That's art of humor (Bot, you just tricked by me !) :P

Bot :  Are you a fish ?
Me : If i can speak with you, maybe i'm a fish.
Bot : Cool !

( yeah, whatever robot just said with me  XD )

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Morishima Haruka from Amagami by Chen Ying Xiang

Actually this picture is from my friend creation, but don't worry i granted permission to published his creation in this Blog. He wants people can recognize his creation.  Here my friend URL :  Chen Ying Xiang

For video link you can visit :

Morishima Haruka, Amagami, anime fanart, 森島はるか, アマガミ,
Morishima Haruka from Amagami