Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hayasaka Yuu / 早坂 優 from Yoroshiku MechaDoc

This my picture drawing actually based from 1984 era Anime "Yoroshiku MechaDoc" character, Hayasaka Yuu / 早坂 優  (a police woman). I think only a few people recognize this character and the Anime itself is about Racing car theme story. She's pretty isn't she ?

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Hayasaka Yuu from Yoroshiku MechaDoc


  1. sure she is pretty! what are you using to draw with, Manga?

    1. Moni Phukam Thank you, nothing special i only just used Adobe Photoshop for digital drawing. Actually i'm still new for Photoshop. This character from 1984 era Anime -- "MechaDoc".


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