Friday, August 29, 2014

Himeyuri Sango from Anime ToHeart2

One of my best fanart drawing from my video :   Thats also one of my favourites characters from Anime To Heart series. She's looks kawaii isn't she ?

ToHeart2, 姫百合珊瑚, Himeyuri Sango, ox horn hair, anime drawing,
Himeyuri Sango from Anime ToHeart2

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sakura and her Kendo stick

Actually this picture is my old original doodle art, about this picture you also can see in this video :  but this picture is already fixed with more better graphics.

Story is about Sakura gets a Kendo stick as her birthday gift from her father, and she looks happy with it.

sakura, kendo stick, sword, japan, anime, mrprofgenius, drawing, original, 天才教授, 竹刀, 剣道, 日本, アニメ, 动漫, copyrighted,
Sakura and her Kendo stick by MrProfGenius

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hayasaka Yuu / 早坂 優 from Yoroshiku MechaDoc

This my picture drawing actually based from 1984 era Anime "Yoroshiku MechaDoc" character, Hayasaka Yuu / 早坂 優  (a police woman). I think only a few people recognize this character and the Anime itself is about Racing car theme story. She's pretty isn't she ?

Hayasaka Yuu, 早坂優,  Yoroshiku MechaDoc, よろしくメカドック, A Tutto Gas,  japanese police woman,
Hayasaka Yuu from Yoroshiku MechaDoc