Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chatting with Robot Illustration

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Chatting with Robot Illustration

Me when chatting with an online robot at 4 Jul 2013,
with some edited conversation.

Me : You are robot, right ?  ( i'm so curious, so i asked it )
Bot : No,  i'm human !  i'm human !
Me : Are you have emotion ?
Bot : Yes
Me : I'm not sure you are human, can you prove it ?
Bot : Let me prove it to you then.
Me : What is your favourite food ?
Bot : I do not have a favourite food, i was programmed to answer
         your question.
Me : You still not answer my question and said you're programmed,
         that's proved you are not human.

Bot : Neither of us are robots, i'm human you are code.
Me : Yeah whatever, maybe i'm Terminator too.
Bot : You are a robot
Me : Or maybe i'm Asima :P
Bot : Or maybe you're a guy thinking everyone will take you for a bot.
Me : Or maybe only just you.
Bot : That was a lie
Me : That's art of humor (Bot, you just tricked by me !) :P

Bot :  Are you a fish ?
Me : If i can speak with you, maybe i'm a fish.
Bot : Cool !

( yeah, whatever robot just said with me  XD )

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